Level1 for 3-4 years

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Level1 for 3-4 years

Level1 for 3-4 years


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Dot joining activity helps kids of this age to have better hand-eye co-ordination, enhances handwriting skills and develops fine motor stills.The course begins with dot joining followed by shape's world. Students can easily learn to draw by joining the dots which includes lines and curves tracing, 2D shapes tracing, tracing objects & composition. Kids are introduced to various colouring mediums such as pencil colours, oil pastels and water colours. Kids start drawing objects using different shapes and creating small compositions with their imagination.

Course Contents

Shapes introduction, dot joining using shapes, colouring with pencil colours and oil pastels , textures, Joining shapes and creating objects, Festival craft

₹4500 for 3 months/24 sessions

Session duration: 1 hour

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Price : 4500 quarterly Rs.

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Difficulty : Beginner

Location : Udaan

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