Level3 for 6-8 years


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Level3 for 6-8 years

Level3 for 6-8 years


Courses for kids Drawing & Painting

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Course Description

Drawing and painting helps kids to develop visual learning, decision making and self confidence. This course starts with very basics of drawing of lines and curves,2D shapes,creating different objects using shapes.we also introduce different medium of drawing and painting like shading pencils, pencil colours,oil pastels, water colours so that kids will be able to handle all the medium. Here kids can develop their imagination power by creating their own composition.

Course Contents

Shapes introduction, dot joining using shapes, colouring with pencil colours and oil pastels , textures, Joining shapes and creating objects, Festival craft.

Option 1: ₹5400 for 3 months

Option2: ₹18000 for the entire course of 10 months

Duration: 10 months/80 sessions

Session Duration: 1.5 hour

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Price : 5400 Quarterly Rs.

Max Availability : 8

Difficulty : Beginner

Location : Udaan

Typology : Premium