Level4 for 8-14 years

1 & half hours

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Level4 for 8-14 years

Level4 for 8-14 years


Courses for kids Drawing & Painting

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Course Description

Drawing and painting is helpful during the development stages of childrens as well as in adulthood. We teach here very basics of drawing and painting using different mediums.In this level students will learn 3D objects drawing, different types of shading, hatching, still life drawing, memory drawings and many more.

Course Contents

lines and curves, basics of pencil and pencil colours shading,2D shapes,free hand lines,space judgement, study of fruits and vegetables, study of animals and birds,basics of oil pastels, 3D shapes(cube,cuboid,sphere,cone,pyramid,cylinder),pencil shading landscape,hatching,life study of flowers and leaves,basics of water colours, water colour paintings.

₹7200 for 4 months

Duration: 4 months

Session Duration: 1.5  hour

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Price : 5400 Quarterly Rs.

Max Availability : 8

Difficulty : Intermediate

Location : Udaan

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